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  • 19 March 2014 :: Attention Of Investors Will Shift From Ukraine To The FED Meeting
19 March 2014

Attention Of Investors Will Shift From Ukraine To The FED Meeting

By Kristina Leonova: Chief Analyst in the Investment Research Department

Attention Of Investors Will Shift From Ukraine To The FED Meeting
On Tuesday, the main stock indices of Europe and the United States showed positive dynamics after the speech of the president of the Russian Federation concerning the developing geopolitical situation. In his speech, Vladimir Putin discussed the admission of Crimea as part of the Russian Federation, and also added that Russia is not intending to divide Ukraine.

Published macroeconomic statistics in the region were quite different, trade balance of the Eurozone showed a surplus and made 0,9 billion euro in January, in comparison with 13,8 billion euro a month earlier. In the meantime, the index of economic expectations of investors of ZEW of Germany for March, decreased to 46,6 points from 55,7 points a month earlier.

As a result, the index of Great Britain, the FTSE 100, increased by 0,6%, the French CAC 40 added 1%, and the German DAX went into the plus by 0,7%. The regional STXE 600 indicator, in turn, increased by 0,6% and was closed on a level of 327,93 points.

Statistical data in America also didn't show any considerable changes and did not disappoint investors. Inflation of the USA in February made 0,1%, which fully coincided with forecasts and with January values. The number of constructions of houses (following the results of February) made 0,907 million which was also close to the forecast of 0,910 million.

So, following the results of the trading session, the indicator of blue chips, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index, raised by 0,55% to the level of 16336,19 points, the index of the wide market, Standard & Poor's 500, increased by 0,72% and reached the level of 1872,25 points, and the index of high-tech industries, Nasdaq Composite, went into the plus by 1,25% and reached a level of 4333,31 points.

Today, the attention of investors could move from geopolitical questions to monetary. It is expected that the FED will reduce the program of repayment of assets by another 10 billion dollars to $55 billion so far, and also that target reference points could be reconsidered. Earlier it was thought that the policy of 'cheap money' will end when unemployment in the US reached 6,5%. It has already reached 6,7%, but on the whole, the situation on the labor market in the country is far from ideal.
About the author
Kristina Leonova
Kristina Leonova
Chief Analyst in the Investment Research Department

Kristina Leonova is an up and coming market specialist - currently in the process of obtaining The Chartered Financial Analyst Degree in CFA Institute.

She began her career at Liteforex (ex. Mayzus) at only 20 years old, holding the position of the Assistant of the Chief Financial Officer.

She has since become invaluable to the Company, holding the position of Chief Analyst in the Investment Research Department, and now is also responsible for our world renowned market reviews.

She has a keen eye and a good gut instinct when it comes to analyzing the markets, always staying at the top of her game, with her work often being published on other websites and news vendors.

Mayzus is excited to welcome her as our new, top financial analyst.

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