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Глоссарий Форекс


Цена «Ask»

Ask is the higher price in a quotation. The price at which the Client can buy.

Цена «Bid»

Bid is the lower price in a quotation. The price at which the Client can sell.



Equity is the ensured part of the Client sub-account considering the opened positions. Equity connects Balance and Floating (Profit/Loss) as follows: Balance + Floating + Swap. It is an amount of the Client's sub-account less a current loss under opened positions and increased on a current profit under opened positions.


Rate is a price of a base currency unit expressed in a quote currency.


Spread is a difference between Ask and Bid expressed in points.


Floating Profit/Loss

Floating Profit/Loss is floating (unrealized) profits/losses under opened positions at live trading rates.

Free Margin

Free Margin is a currency amount less a current margin of the opened positions. It is calculated as Free Margin = Equity - Margin.

Full Complete Transaction

Full Complete Transaction combines two equal counter operations (opening / closing), i.e. buy following by sell OR sell following by buy.


Force-Major assumes circumstances of contingencies beyond the reasonable control of either Party, i.e. acts of God, wars, terror acts, any Government actions, legislation acts, hackers’ attacks or other actions against a servers.



Margin is an amount needed to enter the market. It covers 1% (at leverage 1:100) of a contract size when you open a new position.

Торговый счет

Trading Account is a unique personified register of operations records in a trading platform where the full complete transactions, opened positions, non-trading operations and orders are fixed.


Уровень Margin

Margin Level shows an account state. It is calculated as (Equity / Margin)*100%.


Margin Call and Stop Out Levels

Margin Call and Stop Out Levels – a sub-account state when the Company can automatically liquidate the opened positions at live rates. In case of more than 3 opened positions the Company reserves the right to close the part of the most unprofitable positions when a margin level reaches 50% just aiming to avoid a negative balance on a volatile market. Stop out level - At margin level of 10% the last position will be automatically liquidated.

Margin Trading

Margin Trading assumes arbitration operations with Currency Contracts resulting amounts of deals several times larger than the variation margin size.

Market Starting

Market Starting is trading renewal after the window: weekend, holidays, breaks between trading sessions.


Trailing Stop

Trailing Stop is the next algorithm of Stop Loss order managing. If the profit level under the opened position does not exceed the Trailing Stop size, do nothing; as soon as the profit level under the opened position exceeds the Trailing Stop size, make a Stop Loss order distanced a Trailing Stop size from the live price level. Once you get a quotation with a distance over Trailing Stop size considering your Stop Loss level, order a server to change the level to get the exact distance between the Trailing Stop and a live price. Please note, Trailing Stop works only when the trading terminal is online and authorized on the server successfully.

Trading Instrument

Trading Instrument is an asset that is traded on the market and over-the-counter market. Examples of trading instruments include currency pairs, stocks, futures and options.

Trading Terminal

A trading terminal is a software that processes Client's orders upon the agreed terms and conditions, providing updated market information and accounting mutual financial obligations between a Client and a Company.

Trading Order Volume

Trading Order Volume is calculated as lots number multiplied by a lot size.


Ticker is the unique identification number appropriated to each opened position or StopLimit order in the trading platform

Trading operation

Trading operation is a buy or a sell of any instrument by the Client.


Transaction is a set of trading operations when the funds pass from the base currency in the quote currency and back. Bank transaction is a transfer of money from one account to another or a sale and purchase transaction.


Base currency

Base currency is a currency unit nominating and calculating all balances, commissions and payments of the sub-account.



Balance is a financial result accumulating all completed transactions and deals, deposited and withdrawn account funds.


Volatile market

A volatile market characterizes a market state with rapid rates fluctuations often accompanied by gaps.


Валютная пара

A currency pair is an object of a trading deal basing rate changing of one currency against another one.


Currency Contracts are currency pairs available for trading.


Quote currency

Quote currency is the second currency in a pair at which the Client can buy or sell a base currency.


Quoting is a process of providing the Client with trading quotations.


Quotation is information about the instrument live rate indicated as Ask and Bid prices.

Quiet Market

Quiet Market is a market state corresponding the following conditions:

- no quotations braking on the trading platform;

- no price dynamics;

- no price gaps.



Dealer is a competent employee of the Company where the Client has concluded Agreements regulating legal bases of fulfillment of margin trading operations.


Account History

Account History is a list of completed transactions and non-trading operations on an account.


Adviser is an account managing algorithm in a form of the program in the specialized language MetaQuotes Language 4, sending inquiries and orders to a server through the Client terminal.



Client is a natural or legal person effecting conversion arbitration transactions with the Company under quotations provided by the Company.


Conversion Arbitration Operation

Conversion Arbitration Operation is a deal between the Company and the Client on buying or selling a currency Contract, which implies making of minimum two counter deals on buying and selling with equal volume.


Short Position

Short Position is to sell an instrument, expecting the rate will get weaker. With reference to currency pairs: to sell the base currency against the quote currency.

Starting margin

Starting margin is an amount the Company requires to enter the Market.

Stop Limit Order

Stop Limit Order is the Client order to the Dealer to open a position after the price hits the specified level.

Stream of Quotations

Stream of Quotations is a sequence of quotations under each instrument coming to the trading platform.

Swap / Storage

Swap / Storage is a positive or negative charge for the overnight position.


Sub-Account is a special personal account, opened by the Client in the Company, where obligations, which arise from the transactions made within the limits of concluded between the Company and the Client Agreements are accounted.



Leverage is a borrowed capital provided to trader by Company, which increases amount available for trading. Leverage means ratio of invested amount related to available trading amount. Liteforex (ex. Mayzus) provides leverage up to 1:500.


Log-file of the Client

Log-file of the Client is a file, created by the Client terminal, where all inquiries and orders, sent by the Client to the Dealer, are fixed accurate within a second.

Log-file of a Server

Log-file of a Server is a file, created by a Server, where all inquiries and orders, the Dealer has got from the Client, and their processing results are fixed accurate within a second

Locked Positions

Locked Positions are two opposite, but equal orders – long and short – opened on one instrument and on one account.


Lot is a measuring unit of a contract size.

Lot size

Lot size is a base currency amount in a lot specified by the Contracts.


Needed Margin

Needed Margin is an amount the Company requires to stay in the Market.

Non-market operation

Non-market operation implies funds transfer to the trading account (withdrawal funds from the trading account) or granting / repayment of a credit.


Out-market quotation

Out-market quotation or spike stands for quotation that can occur in the following cases: a) essential price gap; b) short time return of the price to the initial level through a gap; no price dynamics before the quotation appears or if macroeconomic and/or corporate news that has influenced the rate of a trading instrument has been released before the appearance of this quotation.

Order processed by out-market quotation

Order processed by out-market quotation is an order processed by quotation that satisfies one of the following conditions:

- essential price gap;

- short time return of the price to the initial level through a gap;

- no price dynamics before the quotation appears;

- no news and/or relevant market events that have influenced the rate of a trading instrument have been released before the appearance of this quotation.

Opened position

Opened position is a result of the first part of the complete transaction. As a result the Client gets obligations: to make an equal counter deal; to keep equity not less than 10% of the needed margin.

Order Level

Order Level is the price of the trading instrument at the time a deal registered in the order is opened.


Instant Execution

Instant Execution is a process of quotations provided without a Client's inquiry. A Client is watching live quotations of the Dealer and can order a trading deal at any time.



Point is a unit of the younger category of the rate.

Price Gap on Market Starting

Price Gap on Market Starting is any of the situations: Bid of the quotation on market stating is higher than Ask of the quotation on the market closing; Ask of the quotation on the market starting is lower than Bid of the quotation on the market closing.


Working Hours of the Company

Working Hours of the Company is a period of time within a working week when the terminal of the Company ensures standard currency trading. Exceptions make weekend, holidays and internal timetable changes of the Company and periods of time when the Client cannot be served on reasons of technical problems. In such cases the Company has to take all possible measures to inform the Client about trading hours changes and provide a possibility to eliminate currency risks.



Order is any order of the Client – opening / closing / modifying positions - sent through the Client terminal to a server.

Предупреждение о рисках: Торговля на финансовых рынках сопряжена с риском. Контракты на разницу ("CFDs") являются сложными финансовыми инструментами, используемыми для маржинальной торговли. Торговля CFD имеет высокий уровень риска, так как кредитное плечо может работать как в Вашу пользу, так и против Вас. Вследствие этого торговля CFD подходит не всем инвесторам из-за высокого риска потери инвестированного капитала. Вы не должны рисковать большими средствами, чем Вы готовы потерять. Перед началом торговли Вы должны убедиться, что Вы понимаете все риски и учитываете их в совокупности с уровнем Вашего опыта при постановке Ваших инвестиционных целей. Перейти к полному документу "Предупреждение о рисках".

Предупреждение о рисках: Торговля на Международном Валютном рынке форекс Форекс (Forex) и контрактами на разницу цен имеет значительные риски потери капитала.